About Lisa Picano

Lisa is married and a mother to a beautiful, energetic young boy who has FASD. She recently went back to school enrolling in the Community Worker, Outreach and Development Program. It is her dream to further services and training in Peel for families supporting individuals with FASD, as well as to raise awareness so these individuals may have a brighter future.

Transitioning Back to School

I remember when I was young thinking about getting back to school brought mixed emotions for me. I was not particularly good in school so the academic part was not something I was looking forward to but I was looking forward to shopping for new clothes, finding out who my new teacher was, who would [...]

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A Rocky Road to Diagnosis

So you know something is wrong and you can’t figure out what it is? You have gotten every diagnosis in the book: ADD, ADHD, ODD, anxiety or “they’re just a bad kid”. I’d like to share my experience with you. I’m definitely not a professional but I hope my journey so far can help others [...]

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