FASD Advocacy Gains Some Traction

Politics invokes a variety of reactions in people, from impassioned criticism to bland indifference. Many people may even feel deeply cynical about the workings of politics and think that it’s only big business or highly-paid lobbyists that are heard. But since the growth of the internet and digital communication, more power has shifted to individuals [...]

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Tis the Season to Prevent

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays we celebrate in North America. With it comes shopping, decorating, wrapping, eating and drinking. Between office parties, getting together with friends or celebrating with family, alcohol tends to show up frequently throughout the holidays. For women who are pregnant or trying to conceive, this time of year can [...]

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Educating Educators About FASD

Another school year is underway and the reorganization of classes has taken place. Teachers have examined their revised class lists trying to identify potential challenges, hoping there won’t be too many. Parents are hoping their child will be able to cope, be happy, and accepted. The teacher and the parent both want the same thing: [...]

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